only use knife

Call of Duty’s very own velociraptor.


Just following up here.  I have started editing and doing voiceover work for what we have filmed already.  It is turning out FANTASTIC.  I will put up a preliminary cut of it that I would like those involved to watch just to get some feedback.

I am looking to get the rest of this thing filmed over the next few days.

I will post my schedule here so you can kinda have an idea of whats to come.


Vet 10-11?

Flight Training – 3:30-5:30ish


Final exam 8 AM

Work 7-11PM


Flight Training 2-4 ish

We should be able to get it done either monday or wednesday.  I think this next scene will take a while based on the last scene we shot.  Will go much faster if we cooperate though.

The following information is TOP SECRET

It is for the actor’s and cast’s eye’s only.

(actually I really don’t care, you’d just be ruining the epic story for yourself.)

Roles in this episode (in order of appearance:

1 Sam Fisher

1 Irving Lambert

10-18 Misc. people who can look like they’re doing office work

1 Unarmed guard (Jurassic Park [JP] staff)

6 Armed guards (JP Staff)

1 Unarmed bathroom goer-to-er.

1 mini raptor

6 Velociraptors

(we can have people that aren’t needed in some shots act as guards when they were assigned to be a raptor)

There are some scenes where we will need everyone, and many scenes where we will not.  We will try to not keep you waiting around, so if we say we don’t need you, you can go play a pub match or something and we will message you when we need you for the next shot.  If everything goes smoothly, I can edit this thing Saturday and have it on youtube late Saturday night/early Sunday.

For the Sam Fisher role, I am looking for someone who has played a good amount of Splinter Cell so they can relate to how Sam Fisher acts/moves.

You will not be responsible for voice acting, as I will do that stuff with my dad, deathkore and I.

I appreciate your cooperation and willingness to act.  Without further ado,

Jurassic Warfare – Episode 2

•    Scene 1

Pan around shots of Broadcast (overlay title: NSA Headquarters, Washington DC)

Indoor angle of one of the big doors, show two guys walking in without guns preferably*1)

Show the 2 guys walking through the broadcast room, have people at the desks and moving around in back ground*2.

Show them getting to the office, (the little glass room in the camera room)

Guy 1 = Lambert (A.K.A. NSA Boss)
Guy 2 = Sam Fisher (Elite Splinter Cell Agent for NSA)

Lambert:  “Sam, we’ve got another mission for you.”
Sam: “Alright, what is it this time?”

Lambert: “We’ve caught wind of some big arms dealing going down in the Pacific.”
Show Sam nodding

Lambert: “We would like you to go check things out before we make a move.”
Sam: “Alright…”
Lambert: “We have to make sure they are shipping arms around these islands and not something else.  We wouldn’t want to storm the beaches and bust them if they were doing something legal.  This is oversea territory, so we’re not supposed to be here.”

Sam: “As usual, if I’m compromised, you guys have never heard of me.”

Lambert: “Right.  Now your plane leaves at thirteen thirty seven hours, get your things together.”  “any questions?”

Sam: “what if it isn’t arms?”
Lambert: “We’re pretty sure on this one Sam.”

1)  Have them do the pistol switch trick and then carry C4 clicker.
2)  We will need near a full party for this

•    Scene 2
Show 6 or 8 uniformed JP guys*1 sitting around the fire on Creek.
Do a few long range shots as well as a few close range shots.

Pan to Sam dropping in ( low angle of ground, show Sam jumping off roof at creek w/ double health, dub sound over)

Show Sam seeing the house with the deck, show him moving towards it.

Pan back to the campfire show people walking around, one over near the jeep, the other near the barn etc)

Quick pan back to Sam clearing out the house all leet and stuff)

Pan back to the party, listen in on conversations of what the guys are talking about.
(will think of something later just make sure to get shots of them looking like theyre talking to each other)

Cut back to Sam leaving the house and moving down the cliffside towards the hill.  He sees an unarmed guy looking over the edge, maybe make him whistling or something.

Show Sam sneaking  up to him and then he grabs him (or maybe just points pistol at him.)  Guy freaks out…

Sam: “What are you guys doing here?”
Guy: “what, who are you?! what do you mean, I’m just taking a leak!”
Sam, frustrated: “No, what are you guys doing out here in the middle of nowhere?  What are you shipping around?”
Guy: “ooo, we’re shipping dinosaurs.”
Sam, laughing: “Wait what?  dinosaurs?  you expect me to believe that?”
Guy: “Yeah, we just got an order of velociraptors in today, but they uhm.. escaped.”
Sam: “Look here man, you see that ledge right ahead of you?”
Guy: “Yeah?”
Sam: “you can either give me some useful information or you can take a trip off the edge.”
Guy: “oooh, ok… Well the raptors you see, they’re very intelligent. They work as a pack.  We saw it first.. [cut off]

Sam kicks him over the edge

Sam: “That was by far the weirdest one yet.”

Lambert over headphone: “Sam have you found out anything yet?”
Sam: “oh yeah, this guy I just talked to said the’yre shipping dinosaurs around here.”
Lambert: “haha, thats the weirdest one I’ve heard yet”
Sam: “yeah, that’s what I said.”
Lambert: “Keep us posted Sam, Lambert out.”

Show Sam coming up to the hill and seeing the guys around the fire.
Sam: “Lambert, I’ve come across a camp here.  probably where that dinosaur guy came from.”
Lambert: “Good work Sam, can you listen in on them for me?”
Sam: “Sure thing”    Show him switch to sniper rifle and zoom in with night vision on.

First person view of Sam’s scope for this shot.

Show him zooming on on the guys and overlay a conversation.

Get a good 30 seconds of zoomed in shots to overlay voice too.
(we’ll most likely use a conversation between WadeoV2 and Saintly Phoenix here, quotes TBD)

Have one of them say it is really cold though
other guy replies: yeah I heard it’s sposed to snow

After a few seconds of conversation, have one guy stand up and say, “I’m off to the loo.”
He stands up and starts walking towards the outhouse.

Show Sam crouch walk to the other corner of the hill near the outhouse and watch the guy go in.  Sam directs his attention back to the campfire.

Show real tight shots of the guy in the can.  put fart noises and splashdown noises over it.

Show one of those shots of Sam’s character looking to the side like omg, then have him scope in again.

Cut back to the real tight shots of the guy in the can, have him finish up.  maybe overlay “Man those potatoes were nasty.”

Mix in some bush rustling noises.

Guy in crapper: “Hey, who’s out there?  Dan is that you?”
no response.  Show an outdoor shot of the outhouse with no one there.
Cut back to the guy in the outhouse

show him looking around, overlay a quiet mini-raptor chirping noise.

Guy walks out of crapper a few feet and stops.
Show right over his shoulder the mini raptor staring at him.  Make it chirp a few times.
Guy is sitting perfectly still… show him start to back into the outhouse from the side.  Show him inside and the mini raptor sitting still.

Guy: “where did you come from?  go on, get outta here!”
Raptor chirps
Guy: “Stupid dinosaur, get out!”
Raptor just sits there and loos at him, maybe overlay a growl
Guy: “Alright if you won’t move I’ll make you!”
Guy throws a stun grenade at him.  Show it hitting the mini raptor ( don’t include the explosion in the final product)
Raptor makes a loud noise and charges him
Guy: “No!  get back!!”
start brutal owning sound effect here
Cut to Sam and have  him look towards the outhouse to see the raptor beasting on him.

Cut back to the campfire to show all the guys turning around towards the outhouse and being like omg.
Have one of em stand up and yell, “Grab the trank gun”

Cut back to sam who is looking back at the campfire now and show all the guys running towards the outhouse with guns (shotties or M16’s will work)

Mix in a med. range shot of the guys running as well as as shot of running w/ them in first person

They get to the outhouse to see blood everywhere and the mini raptor sitting on his body still beasting on it.

One guy takes aim with his shotgun and pulls the trigger.

-overlay tranquilizer gun sound fx here-

Show the mini raptor on it’s side (guess we could just kill a guy in the ghillie suit)
Have one of the other guys say, “ah you barely got him, hurry up grab him, that stuff will wear off in 15 minutes”

Cut back to Sam who is on the hill right above them watching this all.

Sam: “Lambert, they definitely aren’t shipping weapons here.”
Lambert: “What, that can’t be our informant said.. gah, what is it drugs?!?”
Sam: “Dinosaurs.”

Either get shot of trucks driving thru jungle on Far cry 2 or just fade in to bloc
Next scene, fade in at bloc


1) Spetznaz shotgunners/assault rifle guys, as before.

Scene 3
-Put in some panoramic shots of bloc here-
Show the mini raptor being held in the front room of the pool building on bloc, chirping and making all kinds of noise.  Show a couple guards patrolling right around the pool and out front
Maybe have one yell: “SHUT UP!!!” to the raptor

Cut back to Sam who is on the other side of the map

Sam: “I followed the trucks to this huge compound.  It’s snowing too lambert, are you sure I’m in the pacific.”
Lambert: “You are where we tell you you are Sam.  I need a picture of this dinosaur you’re talking about.  From my end, it sounds like you’re going crazy.  Are you feeling ok Sam?”
Sam: “just fine.”
Lambert: “get me a picture or some more info Sam, you’re evac chopper will be at your coordinates at 16:45 local time.
Sam: “Roger that”

Sam heads out
cue in music: Goldeneye Overture.

Show Sam sneaking slowly through one of the side buildings.  Have him Sam Fisher a guy at one of the holes or something.  Mix in a few shots of him barely going unnoticed by patrols.  Also mix in some shots of raptors running across in the far far background.  We want the viewer to know there are raptors in the area.

He gets toward pool end and can hear the dinosaur screaming for help.

He sneaks  up to the corner of the building adjacent to the pool building and peeks around the corner, sees two guards talking, standing on the front stairs of the pool building.

Guy 1: “Yeah supposedly there’s ancient some ancient hidden artifact on one of these islands”
Guy 2: “Yeah, Tom was telling me about that, I’ll believe it when I see it though.”
Guy 1: “well hopefully we’ll see it first, and keep it our secret.”
Guy 2: “haha yeah”
Guy 1: “turns around, shut up you stupid dinasaur, before I tase you again!”

Mix in shots of the raptor and sam during this scene.  Show Sam go around the building and come out around the other side.

Laying prone, Show him pulling out his sniper rifle and line up a shot. with the two guy’s heads.

Cut to a side shot to the left of the 2 guards and show Sam crouching up aiming at them.  Cut back to behind Sam of him lining it up.  Then cut to a straight ahead shot showing the two guards.  Sam shoots them both with one bullet.

-overlay silenced sniper shot in the distance over the gunshot-

The guards bodies fall to the ground and Sam runs up to the front door with his pistol out.

Show 6 raptors running towards Sam’s position as he is about to enter the front door.  Get an overhead shot of the front of the building, birds eye view.  Show the raptors split up in 3 directions, 2 raptors per group.

Cut back to Sam walking up to the mini raptor.  Have him walk in.  Show him go behind the wall and have him shoot a few shots, metal ping sound (can’t see  what he’s shooting at)

Show him lower the gun. and look ahead.  Cut in to where Sam is and show him looking directly at the mini raptor.  Show them looking at each other.  The mini raptor moves towards the door and Sam steps back.  The mini raptor continues towards the front exit and Sam follows him to the door.

Sam gets to the door of the cell and realizes he’s surrounded.  2 big raptors at the front entrance and 2 on each side of him in the shower doors.

The raptors and Sam stare each other down for a while and then the raptors turn and leave with the mini raptor.

Sam Calls lambert for evac.

few minutes later Sam hear’s helo coming.

Few seconds after he hears it, he hears an explosion and then “Ahh @#^& we’re goin’ down”
then it gets muffled.

Another big explosion shakes the ground.

Sam: “Lambert?”
Lambert doesn’t respond.
Sam: “Lambert, come in.”

No response.  Pan out slowly away from Sam with the spectator cam.  go all the way into the sky and fade to black.


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