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New HD camcorder

Posted by only use knife on December 26, 2008

$100 for 720p?

720p for $100?

Got this little toy today (12/26)

It was only $100 (about 68 pound) at Best Buy.  I have been playing around with it and it is really a great little device.  It isn’t much bigger than a cell phone so it is great to take out and about.  I have made a few test videos.  You can find them all on my YouTube page.  I have had some trouble with low-lighting areas, but I knew that would be an issue based on the reviews.  I think I can work with it though, there is a night mode I still need to fiddle with.  The quality is amazing though for such a little device.  at 100 bucks, you can’t go wrong.  It can also hold MP3s and take 5 megapixel pictures.  It connects via USB and you just dump the files to your computer and edit them.  Very simple to use.  3 inch LCD screen is nice too.  It has a ~36 MB internal memory that is just enough to test it out.  I ordered an 8 gig flash card that should give me about 2 hours of film.

I w ill be posting a lot more videos in the future.  I am trying to figure out how to embed the HD quality videos on the blog here, but til then, check out my channel.


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Merry Christmas!

Posted by only use knife on December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas blog readers!  Hope you Christmas is going well.  Have safe travels and a good time!

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New Forums

Posted by only use knife on December 22, 2008

In response to what happened yesterday, I have made my own forums.  A lot of people from have jumped on board.  We have an organized discussion about sports, video games and other miscellaneous stuff.  We have a lot of fun on there and I would encourage you to join if you haven’t already.

Please check out the new forums and sign up!

The forums are expanding rapidly

The forums are expanding rapidly

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Posted by only use knife on December 21, 2008

I have been an active member of the forums community since 2005.  I have made helpful contributions to the community, getting a CUL 5 on IceViper777 and a CUL 4 on only use knife.  I even wrote a FAQ for one of my favorite games.  I would like to think that the other posters get a kick out of my posts.

Well what do you know. mods blowing things way out of proportion.  Somehow an innocent smiley face battle turns into an IP ban for yours truly.  Goverland I am looking right at you for this one – seeing as you’re the most active mod on the waw forums.  We’ve been through this before and I have proven I can behave myself on there.

It is absolutely pathetic.  They hand out bans like free candy.  I get banned originally for posting smiley faces back and forth with someone else.  At least I think that is what I was banned for…

I go get on my IceViper777 account and that gets perma banned.  ok whatever, had a feeling that might happen.  So I just remain patient with my only use knife account that is banned til 12/26/08.  Alright I’ll just read the forums til then, no biggy.  I made no other accounts or anything.  I guess they didn’t even care to check the IP address on my friend “onIy the knife”‘s account.  They just went ahead and out right permabanned him.  Guess because he had knife in his tag, it was me.  Yeah ok…  He was IMing me and telling me that I got him perma banned.

I go click reply on my only use knife account just to check the status and what do you know, perma banned.  For what?  Goverland (or any of the mods) if you are reading this, I want a solid explanation. I am sick and tired of this.  Please give me back my posting rights, you don’t need to worry about me coming back to your WaW section ever again.. in fact I will stay far away from any forums you are moderating.  Any little thing I do could turn into a perma ban.  I take a little bit of offense from this.  That is why I may sound hostile towards you.

Well it was nice chatting up waw with you guys on but I guess I can’t anymore for some reason.  No more funny forum posts of the week.

I’ll see you on the battlefield.

If you want to voice your opinion on my unjust ban, and I encourage you to do so, please send the any of the mods a private message.

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Posted by only use knife on December 20, 2008

I got a Playstation 3 a couple weeks ago.  Not sure how many of you knew that.  My PSN ID is IceViper777.  Add me if you want.  I don’t play online really.  I bought it mostly for Blu-Ray and a couple of the exclusive games.  I was able to get a good deal on it ($280 for a refurbed 80 gig) so I don’t feel too cheated.  I wouldn’t have bought one otherwise.  I was itching to get a Blu-Ray player but I couldn’t justify spending that much on a player.  I always thought it was stupid to buy a standalone drive instead of just getting a PS3.  Anyways, I have played a couple of games so far… It is pretty cool.  Little Big Planet is repetitive… Got boring pretty quick.  Gran Turismo 5 Prologue was sweet.  I am looking forward to the full release.  The graphics were beautiful too.  Still waiting to try out MGS 4.  I am a Sam Fisher fanboy.

Gran Turismo 5 r purdy.

Gran Turismo 5 arguably has some of the best graphics I've seen.

Blu-Ray movies look great.  I watched The Dark Knight and it looked so sharp.  I have the rental pass at Block Buster so I am able to try out a lot of stuff.  The local public library also has Blu-Rays so I am getting my HD fix.  Hoping to get Planet Earth for Christmas.  Anywho, I will be buying all cross-platform games on the 360, so don’t worry.  Achievements>the joke that is trophies.   Plus, Xbox Live owns Playstation Network any day of the week.  I’ll be looking forward to Gran Turismo 5 and MLB 2009 The Show on the PS3.

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Good News and Bad News

Posted by only use knife on December 19, 2008

Bad news first

Got permabanned on IceViper777 for ban dodging

I was goofing around a little more than I should have.. At least with the itchy-trigger fingered mods that roam the waw forums.  anyways I’ll be back on the 26th.  I also got banned until 2160 for ban dodging on my IceViper777 account.  o well, I was a CUL 5 on that account but I didn’t really post that much with it.

Good News

Waw is down to 35 bucks.  That is an acceptable price for it. (If you read my review, you’ll understand.) I’ll be buying it Sunday. Ready to make some more montages and play with the forums community again.

From this Sunday's ad.

From this Sunday's ad.

Also, I am thinking about doing a broken leg map crossing of my back yard in my winter ghillie suit this evening.  I will have it video taped.  I will also have my hounds released when I am half way through.  I will see if I would be able to hold my own in waw.  In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, I made a winter ghillie suit last year, and I rarely use it.  We got 10 inches of snow last night so I figured I would try it out.

Here is my last test run of it, about 11 months ago

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Free Your Avatar!

Posted by only use knife on December 15, 2008

“Free Your Avatar is a tool that allows you to load the avatars of yourself and your friends into a frame, reposition them, add a background and some text, and then export them in several popular formats, from messenger icons to Facebook pictures.”

Check it out here

Whipped this up in under a minute

Whipped this up in under a minute

UltraViolence74 posted this in the 360 section

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FFPotW (more like the month)

Posted by only use knife on December 15, 2008



I didn't actually see this, just found it online

I didn't actually see this, just found it online at















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only use ladder – an epic 48 hour adventure!

Posted by only use knife on December 15, 2008

Tomorrow I will be making a 48 hour trial account named “only use ladder”.

I will only be allowed to kill while attached to a ladder or after having jumped from one.  Once I hit the ground, I can no longer attack the enemy.

It should be fun.  I will make a montage for the heck of it.

Im on ur laddur, watchin fer bad ghuyz

Im on ur laddur, watchin fer bad ghuyz

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Stun Grenadier

Posted by only use knife on December 14, 2008

I had ventured into the challenging world of stun grenading in the past but I am back at it now.  I am looking to make a sweet montage with stun grenades.

My gamertag for stunning is “STUN GRENADIER”


Message me or send a FR if you want to play some hardcore TDM or Search.  I would suggest trying it out, it is probably the most challenging thing to do in COD 4.

I am also looking for suggestions for more montage ideas.  Leave a comment with your suggestions!  thanks!

The broken leg map crossings were fun so I am thinking about doing some more of those.  I want to do something completely original though.  Just not sure what!  Let me know if you have any good ideas!

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