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Knife’s Life – A Charles Rap Song

Posted by only use knife on May 29, 2009

For 1BRF

I’m sure a lot of the lyrics won’t make sense unless you are a 1BRF Member or relative.

There are some profane lyrics as well, so beware

I used this for the voice…

came up with the lyrics myself, found a random piano instrumental and used iMovie to string it together.

If you like it, let me know, I am gonna do more of these as it is fun to express my creative side. I made this in about an hour and a half. I’ll prolly do one for the raptor pack and more!


yo this is your boy charles repping RGF and the 1 Burst royal family

yo yo yo I was playing with this guy on COD 4 the other day, I was like damn man, you mad gay

he tried to talk but he aint know what to say

I was like lol at nub why you even play

but listen play some cod 4 stab you in the neck aight playas

yo im e famous

talk to only use knife if you want to talk fame

talk to goverland if you wanna talk lame

commy dictators runnin’ the forums

yeah you heard, vladimir the queer

British people be sending me mad messages all like what’s the point of only using the knife

I’m like shit M16 MP5, they all the same, gotta stab people if you want the fame

then dudes be fronting on my J like… you have four different accounts? get a fucking life guy. I’m like shit foo, get on my level i’m way more fly

you can try and try but you just gown die.

I am dat do, I did it, ask about me.

I was talkin to my homey backfire

like yo cracka you want to play some hawx on xbox over by the rocks in our socks maybe with some locks but not with some cocks or jocks

it was mad fun flying them planes but not as fun as using a cane in the rain with jane.

today i was playin with that dude named duqi
some say hes lucky, others say he’s sucky
I was like damn player that boy rely on the Tar
he was like shut up get in the car
speaking of cars lol at canadian dude always acting a fool even when he’s at school

Saintly Phoenix well known pub star
yeah he’ll pop your dome with a deagle or fly at you like and eagle… or maybe a seagull

Phoenix is that dude he always carrying the squad like his name is todd, or andy, or Pilot Jordan 22

speaking of 22 thats the size of my rims you hear I roll on nothing but the biggest unlike my J which is the smallest.

envy my 2 incher boy. I set your momma free with it last night
and now you want to fight
lets dance sucka
give me 2 seconds and you’ll be laying face down with some bullets in your crown
or maybe I’ll stab your ass
yeah boy I do it with class
Or maybe go JD2020 on yo ass, whippin’ out my JD40
Speaking of JD, that foo talk mad trash
getting himself in a mad jam and he cant back it worth a damn
now he acting a clam hiding with the ’40 he carries
he’s prolly at treyarch hiding with the fairies

i mean, prolly
yeah prolly
all aboard the prolly-trolly

Now you want to talk a good dev?
Talk Infinity Ward
If treyarch’s the knife, I dub is the sword
gamers come in hordes for they new shit
modern warfare 2 sure to be a big hit

I can’t talk gamin without spittin the mad truth about battlefield
yo run for cover run run for cover
they say that, they say that I’m crazy
and I’m like I mean, prolly

RFC gown be owning in the sky, flyin so high
you’ll be sprayin like shamu, but you gonna die like a foo

yo yo terrell, hold up hold up, dis doo got da own ba on he re’ently played games list

that is mad dope
speaking of dope, my other gt is ‘SmokeWeed420x’
and damn I get mad sex with that chick lex
she was so loud I thought I was bangin’ a t-rex

yeah my beats are mad dope
but I am even moreso

so hop off my J or I’ll have to say

you’re using an airsoft gun or a QBU, yeah you, the QBU
it’s been said by few but damn its true

So don’t miss your cue or I’ll go phoenix on you
or I’ll end you in a bath stall
or I’ll give my boys a call
1 burst represent boyee
Aight lets do this
Move out bitches
We aint leavin’ til they need stitches.


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The 1BRF Towel

Posted by only use knife on May 27, 2009

Check this out… I’ll upload a better picture later.

Original Towel.

Picture 2



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