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So long for now WaW…

Posted by only use knife on November 29, 2008

Just sold Call of Duty: World at War on for $46.50.

It’s not a terrible game, but I don’t feel this effort is deserving of 60 bucks.  I’m happy with what I got out of it for the price but yeah it’s back to COD 4 for me.  I played COD 4 for the first time after playing WaW for a week or two and O-M-G I love COD 4!!!  The game is just so much more smooth and enjoyable.  I may pick WaW up after it goes down in price but I refuse to play more than $30 for it.  There just isn’t enough innovation to make it worth the money.




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Posted by only use knife on November 26, 2008

photo-252 Console number four has officially bit the dust.  I was originally getting the 2 red lights of over-heation (lol) so I decided to push the thing to its limits because I figured the RROD was imminent.  Well turns out it was.  Free repair now!  I am going to buy a new console this friday in the black friday chaos.  I am hoping to get the package at Best Buy and sell the four games that come with it.  Wish me luck!

So yeah if you were wondering why I was “playing” Madden 2007, I was pushing my xbox 360 to the extreme. Love the console but it too delicate.  The new console I am getting will come with a 60 GB hard drive, so it is a win win situation.  I am planning on selling the 360 in the picture as a refurb once I get it back from Microsoft.  Let me know if interested : )

Anyways, have a Happy Thanksgiving!  lawl

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World at War Review

Posted by only use knife on November 23, 2008

After spending a week and a half with this game, I feel I can write my honest opinions about it.

The single player experience was enjoyable but it got kind of repetitive and felt scripted at times.  I couldn’t move forward because the game wanted to show me a guy getting killed by a Japanese booby trap…  I felt pressured to keep moving because of the typical CoD AI spawning… If you don’t move forward, the enemies just keep spawning.

WaW Campaign is pretty gritty at times

WaW Campaign is pretty gritty at times

There were some pretty graphic moments in both campaigns.  Executing Germans in the street and the Japanese torture scenes for example.  The game was intense at times but it never took it to the level COD 2 achieved.

The graphics in single player were above par I would say but they weren’t anything that will blow you away like Gears 2 or COD 4.

The AI in the single player is the single worst AI I have seen on the 360.  Treyarch should be embarrassed for putting this out on the market.  I literally saw one of my team mates standing RIGHT next to an enemy and they were just looking different directions, not even bothering to look at one another.  I also had several instances where I just ran up to an enemy and sat there about 3 feet away from him and stared at him.

The level variations are pretty nice, I like the different atmospheres featured in the Marine Corp and Russian Campaigns.  The artistic direction is very well done.  The Russian levels feel gritty and industrial.  I really liked the mission where you are on a gunship in the pacific, shooting down zeroes.  That was pretty cool.

The only problem with the story is that there isn’t really one at all.  The story feels very disjointed and thrown together.  They just put a few cut scenes in between missions summarizing what happened or what is about to happen and then you play a mission.  There is no underlying story really besides the WWII premise.

The music in the single player is pretty good.  I like the mix of the modern industrial rock stuff with the old classical music.  I thought it was pretty cool running through the streets of Berlin with rock music in the background.  The voice over work in the campaign is very good.  Kiefer Sutherland as your leader in the Marine campaign was sweet.

To cap off a mildly entertaining, short campaign we got a pretty lame ending (in my opinion)  There just didn’t seem to be an OMG climactic moment.  The big battle at the end was ok, but there weren’t any times in the game where I felt I was totally immersed in the combat.

The Multiplayer

The multiplayer in this game just feels like a step backwards from COD 4.  The spawn system is HORRIBLE.  I have been spawnkilled numerous times.  I also love it when I kill a guy and then five seconds later he shoots me in the back because he spawned right behind me.

I’ll also add the most frustrating thing for us knifers… You can be laying perfectly still in the grass, completely invisible in your ghillie suit (or WaW’s excuse for one) and your gamertag will pop up, completely giving you away to the enemy.  It completely takes away the aspect of stealth.  This rarely happened on COD 4, but it seems to happen more often than not on WaW.

The flamethrower is flippin' awesome

The flamethrower is awesome.

The new maps are pretty good for the most part.  Some seem a little too big for the 6 on 6 COD experience.  The dogs for the 7 kill streak is pretty fun.  It puts you into a sense of confusion and panic as you look around for a pack of dogs.  I think its pretty funny that a joke on the forums actually made it into this game.

The artillery on the other hand, is obnoxious.  The stupid thing will NEVER end!  They seem to do more harm to teammates than the enemy.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve been caught up in a friendly air strike only to be rendered crippled and be forced to walk 1 mph while my screen is blurred.  Meanwhile an enemy who can clearly see where the artillery is hitting, sits on the side and picks me off with ease.  It is really obnoxious, I would almost rather the stupid thing just kill me.

The voice acting in the multiplayer of WaW is mediocre.  It is just unoriginal and seems out of place at times.  For instance, when I was playing headquarters on the Japanese team and we captured the HQ, the “leader” said, “The objective has fallen to the Imperial Army” in a very dejected voice, as if we had just lost it… but no, our team captured it.  I really don’t understand this at all.  Sometimes the voice over work is good, but after the wonderous COD 4 voiceovers, this seems really lame.  I will say that the post game music is alright.  I really like the Wehrmact victory song, it makes me laugh every time I listen to it.

The basic gameplay online isn’t a whole lot different than COD 4 but there is something there I just can’t put my finger on.  The flow of combat feels a lot less smooth.  The tanks feel out of place and a bit over the top at times.  It can be very frustrating when  you spawn and there are 3 enemy tanks outside of the little shack you spawned in that are raining lead on you… on top of that you have artillery coming in and dogs jumping through the windows.  We could have used more maps the size of seelow and thrown in a couple motorcycles with sidecars like COD 3.  Would have been fun.

The game feels clunky at times… Just running across the map can be a pain in the butt.  It is so annoying getting stuck on little pots or planks that are randomly placed on the ground for no apparent reason besides decoration.  It is even worse when you get stuck on something when you are trying to get away from the beloved martyrdom grenade…  I wont complain about the perks but I think you get my drift.

(mild rant here)

The people that play this game online, for the most part, really piss me off.  People care too much about their stupid kill death ratio.  Last night for instance, I was playing a game of Headquarters on Castle and this guy on the other team would go hide up in the dojo with bouncing betties and his MP40 and just camp it out.  He didn’t care about his team mates or anything.  He just wanted to make sure his precious KDR didn’t go down.  I have also had instances where I have been in CTF matches and instead of turning to cover me, my teammates just watched their little portion of land and protected their own bacon.  Seriously, its a stupid stat that means nothing in this game.

Anyways, I’ll give my rating now.

World at War is nothing groundbreaking but it is enjoyable nonetheless.  It’s something new.  I have put in nearly 20 hours online already.  The new maps and feel are fun.  I like the game overall, but I think they could tweak a few things.  It’s a fun game to play with a couple of friends.

Single Player

Graphics – 7.5 (above average)

Sound – 8 (not bad)

Story – 4 (where?)

Variety – 7 (it’s there)

A.I. – 3 (banzai attacks are about the only thing that are cool, AI is dumb otherwise)


Graphics – 7 (a little step down from 1P, but still good)

Sound – 7 (some of the guns sound like paintball guns, voice acting is mediocre)

Gameplay – 7 (awful spawns, weapon variety is great, new perks)

Maps – 8 (good variety as usual, I like most of them)

I don’t mean to sound overly critical of this game.  It is a good game, but I’m not sure I would pay full price for it.  If you are still on the fence, rent it.

Overall I give Treyarch’s Call of Duty: World at War a 7.5 out of 10.

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1000 Knife Kills in WaW

Posted by only use knife on November 18, 2008

Got this game last wednesday in the afternoon so 6 days I’ve had this game.

Victim #1000

Victim #1000

play time: 16h 45 min

So in roughly 16 and 3/4 hours I got 1000 kills.

If I go at this rate it will take me approximately 167.5 hours to reach 10,000.  So potentially 54 more days if I go at the same rate.  I doubt it will happen though lol.  who knows though, Christmas break is coming.

You can track my stats, as well as yours here. (note that this site is a beta and it is not the most accurate.  For some reason it says I have pistol kills without even shooting a bullet.. explain that one lol)

Will I get 10,000?

Stay tuned to find out.

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New Xbox Experience — Impressions

Posted by only use knife on November 16, 2008

Well it has been a while since I first heard about this “New Xbox Experience” or “NXE” as the forumers call it.  I saw some screenshots of the totally new layout and I thought it looked pretty cool.  I was a bit resistant to the new avatars.  I thought they looked a lot like the mii’s of the Nintendo Wii.  I decided though, that I would give them a chance.

Well before we knew it, the official release date was made known and the countdown began.  Someone posted on the forums in the 360 section about how Major Nelson posted on his blog about how Microsoft Connect was offering a chance to get into the beta early.  Well I signed up but to my dismay, as well as many others, I did not get in.  They opened it up for wave 2 a little later, which I didn’t even hear of.  But then talk was going around of a third wave and people were saying they got an email telling them they were chosen.  I had nothing.  I was sad face.

A little bit later though, I heard my email inbox notification and I checked my mail.

"You've got mail, ROFL-COPTOR!"

Well, OMG!  look what I found!  I threw my hands up in the air like an uber nerd.

Now to my thoughts…


It is so much cleaner and organized than the old one.  I like the more 3D look.  The old dash looked “flat” as someone on the forums put it.  This new one really pops off the screen.  The big pictures and font are so much easier on the eyes.  The new guide is great as well.  The party system is fantastic, I was in my first 3-person private chat last night, COOL!

Everything seems a lot smoother as well.  Things aren’t buried like they were in the old dashboard.  The new marketplace is great, less digging around for what you’re looking for.  The avatars really surprised me.  I thought they would really childish and un-personal.  Well, I was proven wrong.  I had fun trying to make myself as well as some crazy looking guy for my only use knife account.  My self-rendition came out decent I’d say.  and my only use knife one… well you can see for yourself.

only use knife's avatar

only use knife

IceViper777's Avatar


We just need more options for customizing the clothing.  I’m sure some more clothing/accessory options will become available – probably at a price…  I haven’t tried Netflix yet, but I plan on doing so.  You have to sign up with your credit/debit card and cancel before the 14 day trial is up if you don’t want to be charged.  So like I said, I’m waiting on that.

Edit: I tried out Netflix afterall.  There isn’t a HUGE selection of stuff available.  List of “Watch Instantly” Kind of disapointing.  The feature works really well though and the HD streaming is amazing quality.  To my excitement, there are a few seasons of the A Team on there so I will get my 14-day trial’s worth.  If they expand their library in the future, I would consider becoming a subscriber.

I hear it is great though.  I have also heard that there are several HD (TV and Movie) options as well.  HD + Streaming = win!

Installing games is great!  I installed World at War and played online and my xbox only got a few decibals louder than it was while I was sitting in the dashboard.  I didn’t really notice any significant difference in performance/load times.  I wouldn’t go out and buy a bigger hard drive just to install all of my games.

I would also like to mention that I love how you can delete games off of your profile that you have 0 gamerscore in.  I accidently launched GoW 2 on my only use knife account thinking the giant gears picture was just game information rather than the cue to launch the game.  Luckily I could get that off of my OUK’s game’s played list.

The Things I like:

  • Easy on the eyes / Organized
  • Party System
  • Avatars
  • Netflix
  • Install Games
  • Delete 0 GS games from your profile

The Things I don’t like

  • Old themes you bought are basically useless as you only get what was normally the 1st blade in your background.
  • NXE themes are 250 MSP
  • Lack of clothing options for avatars

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NXE and WaW

Posted by only use knife on November 15, 2008

What a treat this week has been for my inner-video game nerd! I picked up WaW on Wednesday and today (11/14) I checked my inbox and to my extreme surprise, “You have been selected to recieve the NXE early!”  I’m trying it out now, pretty cool.  My avatar actually resembles me! I will post pics of my avatar(s) as well as my impressions of both the dashboard and WaW tomorrow!

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1000 Gamerscore!

Posted by only use knife on November 13, 2008

1000 on the dot!

1000 on the dot!

The Achievement I got for 1,000 was


You were crazy enough to try it – completed a mission without firing a single shot.

I thought it was a fitting achievement to get for my 1000th gamerscore.

It was funny because I turned on my xbox once I saw that was a 15 point achievement that would put me at 1000 on the dot.  I turned on my xbox and then walked away and came back.  I forgot I was still signed in as IceViper777 so I ended up re doing it on OUK.  I had beaten the first three levels on recruit with just my knife, not realizing there was an achievement for regular.

Needless to say I can get through the first level in like 2 minutes with a knfie now.  You can basically sprint past everyone and knife the people that are right in front of you.  Pretty easy.

My achievements, mostly knife related.

My achievements, mostly knife related.

If you look at my achievements, you will see I got most of my gamerscore from Assassin’s Creed, which is a great game.  I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to mix it up a little bit.  1000/6000 possible…  I don’t plan on being a completionist any time soon.

I’ll have a review of WaW after I get some more time with it.  So far I’ll say knifing is a lot of fun, as usual.  New maps are great too.

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Funny Forum Posts of the Week (11/12)

Posted by only use knife on November 12, 2008

ok Mr. M16A4

ok Mr. M16A4



told again.

told again.

I don't get it but I laughed

I don't get it but its funny

Sam Fisher Montage Thread got locked cause of these noobs

Sam Fisher Montage Thread got locked cause of these noobs

(Talking about player population)

(Talking about player population)

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Gamertag of the Week!

Posted by only use knife on November 11, 2008

Found: World at War Forums

The gamepic is the icing on the cake!

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Congratulations only the knife!

Posted by only use knife on November 10, 2008

only the knife now has 10,000 knife kills!

Exclusive Interview with only the knife

OUK = only use knife

OTK = only the knife

OUK: o hai

OTK: hai!

OUK: Why did you decide to knife?

OTK: “You inspired me, plus guns are too easy.”

OUK: Do you have a nemesis or arch rival on Xbox Live?

OTK: “Anybody with a p90, shotgun, or m16.”

OUK: What is your favorite map/gametype for knifing?

OTK: “Overgrown, Search and Destroy”

OUK: Search and Destroy: What does your class look like?

OTK: “Sniper, Bomb Squad, UAV jammer, Dead Silence.”

OUK: What are your class names?

OTK: “Custom Class 1, Custom Class 2, Custom Class 3, Custom Class 4, Custom Class 5.”

OUK: Do you prefer Stealth Raptoring or Assault Raptoring?

OTK: “stealth ftw!”

OUK: Are you going to continue your knifing career in World at War?

OTK: “It depends how the knifing is, laggy or not. I would hope I can continue for another 10000”

OUK: So I’m assuming you like knifing better on 4? Do you have any thoughts about knifing on WaW? More difficult/Less Difficult etc?

OTK: “It is just laggy in the demo. You can miss someone standing completely still. Not sure yet.”

OUK: How does it feel to be a Senior Raptor?

OTK: “It feels great. Have my own little baby raptors following me.”

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