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Having fun at work…

Posted by only use knife on September 10, 2009

So yeh if you ever come visit the PetSmart I work at, you are in for some lulz.  Our petcare dept. is full of lulz and drama.  I have quickly gotten along with one of my co-workers and we have developed quite a bit of needed lulz at PetSmart. We have leet callsigns for everything in the store as well as for each other.  I am ‘Viper’, naturally and she is ‘Wolfpack’ since that was her squad’s callsign in Iraq.

This one is over the cat adoption center

This one is over the cat adoption center

Wolfpack and I have decided to hide army men all over the store… 50 of them to be exact.

check out this dumb site we made about it.

We also have an F117 and a Hind helicopter to hide.  We’ve hidden a few more since we’ve updated the gallery but yeah, we keep a log of where we put all of the army men.  This will be how we leave our mark on PetSmart once we get up outta there.  I’ll be able to go back in there in like 10 or 15 years and still see a couple of them probably.  Very lul imo.

Gallery link:


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