only use knife

Call of Duty’s very own velociraptor.

Updating Blog More Frequently

Posted by only use knife on July 3, 2009

I’ll try to update this a little more frequently, just for the lulz.  I don’t expect many visitors but I do it because its fun to look back on this stuff and get a good laugh.  I know some of you enjoy it too.

I am going to have a weekly list of crap that I think is cool, among other posts throughout the week.

For each week I’ll have:

  • Best MLG Gamertag
  • Best Funny Posts
  • Best Xbox Live Quote
  • Best YouTube Video
  • Best Gaming Moment
  • Best lolcat
  • …More that I’ll think of

I’ll make the post on saturdays and those of you that care can check it out!


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